Eliza Jones

Eliza Jones Skin Solutions. A series of high quality facial skin care product with very effective formulation reducing the signs of aging within 28 days. This series is developed by a team of experienced skincare specialists, all formulations are independently tested with proven effectiveness.


Eliza Jones Active Skin Solutions: for a smoother, firmer and younger-looking skin in 28 days.


Eliza Jones Lifting Day Cream

Eliza Jones Active Skin Solutions Day Cream (50 ml)
High quality lifting day cream that anticipates on the changing needs of the facial skin. It helps to reduce signs of ageing like lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, drying. The skin is deeply hydrated, proven firmer, tighter, smoother and looks completely revitalised.

Eliza Jones Regenerating Eye Cream

Eliza Jones Active Skin Solutions Eye Cream (15 ml)
This high quality, regenerating eye cream helps to fight signs of tired eyes; wrinkles, dark circles and pale skin. Due to its effective ingredients and its lightly tinted formulation, the skin looks fresh and beautiful again.

Eliza Jones Restoring Night Cream

Eliza Jones Active Skin Solutions Night Cream (50 ml)
Rich and high quality night cream that anticipates on the changing needs of the facial skin. Helping the skin get a full recovery during the night. When awakened, the skin is firmer, smoother, tighter and looks well rested.


Eliza Jones Lifting Serum

Eliza Jones Active Skin Solutions Lifting Serum (30 ml)
Lifting serum is an anti-aging serum which supports the day and night cream in fighting the unwanted signs of ageing. The skin is firmer, smoother and tighter.

Eliza Jones Gentle Face Cleanser Micellar Water

De Eliza Jones Cleanser (200ml)
A mild facial cleanser that offers effective cleansing for all skin types. The micellar technology locks in grease, dead skin cells and gets rid of make-up at the same time. The extract of the black Tahiti pearl from French-Polynesia vitalises the skin.