Body Mists

With four different fragrances in limited edition body mists, you can always find the right one that fits your style.
Change your vibe, change your mist!
 Spray a small amount over your body and hair and you're ready to go. 

 Content: 235 ml

Bodymist secret flirt old.jpg

Secret Flirt
A sweet, warm fragrance. Flirty, seductive and irresistible at the same time.


Bodymist summer crush old.jpg

Summer Crush
A bright, cute and fruity fragrance. Perfect for a warm summer day at the beach or swimming pool.

Bodymist wild desire old.jpg

Wild Desire
A powerful and desirable fragrance to wear on those wild nights out.

Bodymist limited love  old.jpg

Limited Love
A fresh, cool and strong fragrance to wear everyday.