A Good Drink

A combination of lightly sparkling water, fruit juices and just a tad of sugar. This combination makes these Good Drinks refreshing, not too sweet, low-calorie, naturally infused, but above all: deliciously thirst quenching!

These Good Drinks are made with natural ingredients and aromas, but without artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours or artificial colours. Guilt-free pleasures we like to call them!

Content: 330 ml

Matcha Green Tea Watermelon Mint soda pop drink Action

Matcha Green Tea, Watermelon & Mint

This refreshing taste is different from what you might be used to, but delicious nonetheless and definitely worth the try! Its content is cloudy by nature and the green tea sinks to the bottom – so please gently shake before use.

A Good Drink_Orange lemon_small_spread_ginger.jpg

Orange, Lemon & Ginger

This flavour combo is a little more familiar, but it has a surprising twist at the end. Lemon and orange add that sweet-sour experience, while ginger adds the spunk, making this drink the grown-up amongst its lemon-orange soda pop siblings.

açai pomegranate blueberry drink soda pop action

Acai, Pomegranate & Blueberry

Pomegranate is super healthy, but also quite sweet by nature. Therefore we threw in some Açai berries and blueberries for their freshness, making this an ideal soda pop for everyday use.